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Le Parcours Du Roi 2023

Accueil Le Parcours Du Roi 2023


For the festive season, immerse yourself in the baroque atmosphere of the Château de Versailles, for an exceptional tour and show.


As night falls and the day’s visitors disperse, the Château falls silent once more…


From the Salon d’Hercule to the Queen’s Chamber, via the Galerie des Glaces illuminated by royal fireworks, musicians, dancers, singers, fencers and comedians prepare to welcome you under the gold of the Grands Appartements for an extraordinary show tour leading up to the Galerie des Batailles, where you’ll meet a very special guest…Baroque Santa Claus!


An unforgettable experience at the Château de Versailles that will delight young and old alike!


The Hall of Mirrors of the Château de Versailles

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