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Star Grove

Accueil Star Grove


Laid out in 1666, the Star Grove takes its name from its layout, one of the most complex in the garden. It is entered via four open alleys at the corners of the wooded area. These lead to a circular driveway that encircles the grove, from which only two serpentine paths lead further inland. At the end of these paths, a new pentagonal driveway leads to the center of the grove, adorned with a pool. In 1671, this was decorated with a rockwork pattern forming a boulder. The grove became known as the Water Mountain Grove. At the beginning of the 18th century, the grove was radically altered, and its complicated layout and basin were removed. A recent restoration project has redesigned part of Le Nôtre’s layout (circular and serpentine paths), with the heart of the grove remaining as a lawn.



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