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Tuesday July 23rd : early closure of the Musical Gardens at 2.30pm, then free entry to the Gardens to welcome the Olympic Torch Relay to the Château de Versailles.

La Sérénade Royale de la Galerie des Glaces



On summer Saturdays, after the Musical Fountains Show or before the Night Fountains Show, discover the Grand Apartments of Château de Versailles as you have never seen them before.


As the sun sets, the Royal Serenade in the Hall of Mirrors takes you on a fifty-minute tour, from the Royal Chapel to the Hall of Mirrors, with artists, dancers, musicians, singers and fencers, dressed in magnificent baroque costumes, displaying their art and taking you back to the 17th century court, reviving scenes that once took place in the gold of Versailles.


The Royal Serenade, a wonderful immersion in the most beautiful rooms of Château de Versailles !


Unforgettable !



Thursday, August 15th – The Fire Night Foutains Show, special pricing


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Combined ticket

The Sérénade Royale & The Musical Fountains Show



Combined ticket

The Sérénade Royale & The Night Fountains Show



Combined ticket

The Sérénade Royale & The Night Fountains Show – The Magic of Drones



Combined ticket

The Sérénade Royale & The Fire Night Fountains Show

Hall of Mirrors

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Information Olympic Games Paris 2024 :

The Sérénade Royale will be freely accessible without a Games Pass (QR Code).

To facilitate your travel, we advise you to prepare your visit as well as possible.

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18h30 – 18h50 – 19h10 – 19h30 – 19h50



Marble Courtyard, Lower Vestibule of the Royal Chapel, Royal Chapel, King’s Grand Apartments, Hall of Mirrors, Queen’s Grand Apartments, Princes Stairs.


Access to the Serenade in the Hall of Mirrors is through entrance A, in the Dufour Pavilion.

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