Schütz / Schein: Resurrection tears

Friday 23 March 2018 – 8pm

In 1623, a century after the birth of Protestantism, the composers Heinrich Schütz and Johann Hermann Schein, who were also friends, each wrote a composition in German, one the Story of the Resurrection of Christ (Schütz) and the other Fountains of Israel (Schein). Composed in the wake of the Lutheran Reform, these two works paradoxically show the influence of baroque Italy, especially Claudio Monteverdi. 


The unexpected rapprochement between these two works gives birth to an Italian Passion in German, integrating into Schütz’s operatic and very narrative composition Schein’s expressionist madrigals, whose texts taken from the Old Testament (David’s Psalms or Song of Songs) magnificently illustrate the subject. This gives voice to a strong, modern and universal narrative in splendid and finely orchestrated pages, treated with maximum expressiveness and great dramatic power. With his Ensemble La Tempête, Simon-Pierre Bestion has travelled on a truly surprising musical path, creating performance-concerts, where major works of the repertoire are set in space, mixed and interwoven as in the Pasticcios of the baroque period. On the quest for expressiveness in music, he energises his interpreters (the best French singers, at ease in all repertoires, medieval, baroque or romantic) and creates an inventive and innovative encounter between the public and music.

This programme will be recorded for the Alpha/Versailles collection.



1623, Schütz et Schein
Resurrection tears

Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672)
Historia der Auferstehung Christi (History of the Resurrection of Christ)

Johann Hermann Schein (1586-1630)
Israëlis Brünnlein (extracts) 

Picto 15 minutes avec


On Friday 23 March at 7.30pm, share “15 minutes with” the conductor Simon-Pierre Bestion, about Resurrection tears in the Grand Foyer of the Royal Opera.

-Please show your ticket for the evening performance, subject to availability-



Claire Lefilliâtre Soprano

Dagmar Šašková Mezzo-soprano

Sébastien Obrecht, Vincent Lièvre Picard, Lisandro Nesis Tenors

Georges Abdallah Baritone

Victor Sicard Bass


Ensemble La Tempête                                                                  

Simon-Pierre Bestion Conductor