Rossini: L’Italienne à Alger

Friday 29 June 2018 – 8pm
Approximate duration: 
2h50 with intermission

L'Italienne à Alger, Rossini’s first grand opera buffa, met with exceptional success when it was created in Venice in 1813, and this success has never waned since. Napoleon, King of Italy, back from the terrible retreat of Russia, was then master of Venice: a good reason to create an effervescent comedy! 


The orientalist plot depicts Mustafa, Bey of Algiers, trying to get rid of his favorite and eager for a new bride: he will be offered an Italian woman washed ashore on the Algerian coast!  But the slaves join up to trick Mustafa and involve him in a (musical) imbroglio, to the tune of an explosive score, full of twists and turns!

Jean-Christophe Spinosi, who conducted Elisabetta Regina d'Inghilterra also by Rossini last season, knows the Italienne like the back of his hand, and gives a colorful and dynamic version taking the public on a Rossini whirlwind, thanks to a cast of belcanto soloists who pop open champagne in this irresistible farce!



Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868)
L’Italienne à Alger

Dramma Giocoso in 2 acts on a libretto by Angelo Angilli.
Created on 22 May 1813 in Venice.



Philippe Talbot Lindoro

Riccardo Novaro Mustafa

Luigi De Donato Taddeo

Emilie Rose Bry Elvira

José Coca Loza Haly

Rosa Bove Zulma

Cast to be communicated at a later date.

Ensemble Matheus

Jean-Christophe Spinosi Director