Mozart: Concertos for piano n° 20, 23, 25

Saturday 17 March 2018 – 7pm
Approximate duration: 
2h with intermission

Mozart's piano concertos are among his most personal works and in his lifetime they eclipsed the concertos of his contemporaries, who mostly drew inspiration from his compositions.


By instinct, Mozart was a pianist but his passion for voice and opera would considerably influence his approach of the concerto with the solo instrument becoming a voice. This voice is often virtuoso in the first and last movements and exceptionally melodic and poetic in the adagio, which becomes the iconic moment of the work. Here are three concertos from Mozart's mature years, composed over a few months. No. 20 was created by Mozart himself as the soloist in Vienna in 1785; no. 23 was written in 1786 in parallel with the Marriage of Figaro; finally no. 25 met with great success when it was created in Prague at the end of 1786. The thirty year old composer unleashed all his musical talent in their composition, energised by the lifeblood of the Da Ponte trilogy on which he was working daily. These three masterpieces will be served by the virtuosos of Camerata Ireland and their leader Barry Douglas, who is also this concert’s soloist, conducting from the piano as Mozart did, to interpret these works and express their deep poetry and irrepressible energy.



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Concertos for piano n° 20, 23, 25

Concerto for piano and orchestra n°23 in A major K488
Concerto for piano and orchestra n°20 in D minor K466
Concerto for piano and orchestra n°25 in C major K503



Camerata Ireland

Barry Douglas Conductor and piano