Lully: Phaéton

We. 30 May, Fr. 1st, Sa. 2 et Su. 3 June 2018
Surtitles in French and English
Approximate duration: 
3h15 with intermission



Because Louis XIV’s century was, as its sovereign, embodied by the sun, Lully, the founder of lyric tragedy had to dedicate one of his most flamboyant masterpieces to the king himself... 


Here is the story of Phaeton, the gallant driver of the Sun's chariot, dominating the celestial dome with his daily race across the sky. But Glory, Honour, and Love in excess will cause the downfall of the young god... A destiny struck down, a warning for the King maybe? The Sun King however identified with Mars and Apollo; and unlike Phaeton he did not chase chimeras (unless it was for love).

Two shining stars will revive Phaeton: Vincent Dumestre and Benjamin Lazar, on the strength of their ten years of collaboration on the work of Lully, rediscover the tones of the work that thrilled the Court. Phaeton will rise for his ultimate ride to the Sun’s palace drawn by the irrepressible enthusiasm of the faraway Perm Opera…


Lully, Te Deum, le Poème Harmonique conducted by Vincent Dumestre



Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)

Lyric tragedy in 5 acts and a prologue on a libretto by Philippe Quinault
Created on 6 January 1683 in Versailles

 Production : Perm Opera - Royal Opera/ Château de Versailles Spectacles, in collaboration with Le Poème Harmonique


Picto 15 minutes avec


On Wednesday 30 May at 7.30pm, share “15 minutes with” the director Benjamin Lazar, about Phaéton in the Grand Foyer of the Royal Opera.

-Please show your ticket for the evening performance, subject to availability-


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 This production is made possible by the exceptional support of ADOR - The Friends of the Royal Opera and the Institut français.



Mathias Vidal Phaéton

Éva Zaïcik Lybie

Victoire Bunel Théone 

Lisandro Abadie Saturn / Epaphus / Jupiter

Cyril Auvity Triton / The Sun / The goddess Earth

Léa Trommenschlager Clymene

Viktor Shapovalov Proteus / Le Roi tributaire

Elizaveta Sveshnikova Astrée / Daytime hour

Aleksandre Egorov Merops 

Alfiya Khamidullina Daytime hour 



Le Poème Harmonique

Vincent Dumestre Conductor


Benjamin Lazar Director

Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy Scenographer

Alain Blanchot Costumes

François Menou Lights

Mathilde Benmoussa Makeup and hair

Elizabeth Calleo Assistant director