Louis XIV's Day

Su. 8 and Mo. 9 July 2018

Follow Louis XIV during his musical day in the most beautiful sites of Versailles: the Royal Opera and the Royal Chapel, the Hercules Salon, the Hall of Mirrors, Small Apartments and Gardens. 


Versailles was built by a sovereign with a passion for arts: music played a major role in all the gestures of power and he took it to an exceptional level in the history of France. He gave new prestige to the King's musicians, endowed Versailles with an elite ensemble of interpreters for religious music in the Royal Chapel and an equally brilliant one for secular music, the King’s Chamber, in parallel with The Music of the Great Stable, who played in the open air.

Encouraging composers such as Lully and Lalande, he implemented new styles in tragic operas (he created the Académie Royale de Musique, ancestor of the Paris Opera) and grand motet (a magnificent French religious style that conquered Europe). More than 140 musicians (and 33 harpsichords!) worked in Versailles at the King's service.

Everywhere and always, music guided Louis XIV's day, from morning to evening, from the ballets he danced to the festivities in the Hall of Mirrors that he so enjoyed, without forgetting hunting or intimate moments in the royal apartments. 

For the first time in three centuries, a day of the music created at the time of Louis XIV by his composers. From morning to night, after the royal celebrations, each key moment in the day of the greatest king in the world will be revived in music.

Follow Louis the magnificent in the excessiveness of his royal music, for two exceptional days!


Dress elegantly and wear comfortable shoes.



The King's Lever  Marble Courtyard
The King's Mass  Royal Chapel Music by Lully
► Visitors with 2nd and 3rd category tickets have access to the King's Lever and the King's Mass only.
The Royal Hunt  Grove of Apollo's Baths
Hunting and open air music
Open air lunch*
Musical Fountains Show  Three Fountains Grove, Latona Fountain, Ballroom Grove
Trumpet arias by Lully and Charpentier
Private concert in the Small Apartments* Chamber Music 


The King's supper – Hercules Salon Lalande: Symphonies for the King's suppers
Cocktail dinner*
The King's opera  Royal Opera
Charpentier: Actéon
Royal festivities in the Hall of Mirrors
Lully: Turquerie of the Bourgeois Gentilhomme and extracts from the Ballet des Nations
Fireworks display seen from the Hall of Mirrors
The King's Coucher  King's Chamber* Robert de Visée: pieces for the luth
Farewell cocktail in the Marble Courtyard*

For visitors with Doge tickets only.

Light food and drinks available.


picto cadeau
  In the afternoon, private chamber music concert in the small apartments for the visitors with a Doge "King's Day" ticket. 



Ensemble Marguerite Louise

Gaétan Jarry Conductor

Le Poème Harmonique

Vincent Dumestre Conductor