Joyce DiDonato: In War and Peace

22 June 2018

In the spring of 2016, Joyce DiDonato gave this new programme dedicated to songs of love and fury by Italian baroque masters. Two years later, after having recorded it and sung it many times at concerts, she returns to the Royal Opera with an accomplished and personified version, showcased by lights and costumes.


War and peace still wage the same perpetual conflict. Dread, fury, vengeance, despair are powerful elements of baroque operas, but arias expressing love, peace, and appeasement are equally wonderful! 

“Is it possible to find lasting and sincere peace in this deafening chaos?”. Joyce DiDonato’s plea finds a response in the beauties of music. We will be carried away by this very personal recital, with all its emotion and virtuosity and the exceptional charisma of an exceptional diva engaged in the challenges of our world. 

Tour organized by Askonas Holt.



Joyce DiDonato: In War and Peace
Harmony through Music

Songs of war and love

Arias by Handel, Purcell, Jomelli





Joyce DiDonato Mezzo-soprano


Il Pomo d’Oro

Maxim Emelyanychev Conductor and harpsichord


Manuel Palazzo Choreographer and dancer

Ralf Pleger Mise en espace

Henning Blum Lights

Yousef Iskandar Video

Vivienne Westwood Dresses

M.A.C. Make up