Draghi: The Earthquake

Wednesday 28 March 2018 – 8:30pm
Surtitles in French and English
Approximate duration: 
1h15 without intermission

“The earth did quake, and the rocks rent. The graves opened…”. This description from the Gospels of the moment of the death of Christ on the cross strongly marks Passion: the incredible and highly symbolical Earthquake impresses the world with the crucial drama of Christianity. This is the event used by Antonio Draghi (1635-1700) as the crux of Il Terremoto, oratorio “at the Sepulcher”, given in Vienna in 1682.


Appointed Kappelmeister at the court of Emperor Leopold I of Austria in 1659, Draghi soon became the main composer in Vienna and created 124 operas and 41 “sacred dramas”.

Every year in the Austrian capital, during Holy Week, spiritual dramas were shown to invite people to meditate on the agony of Christ. In The Earthquake Draghi does not keep to disincarnated devotion. Before a court that was eager for novelty, at the head of one of the most illustrious chapels in Europe, the composer explored all the harshness of a narrative saturated with emotions, where the human soul shaken from every side loses its bearings and experiences the vertigo of the supernatural.

The drama of all dramas staged by Benjamin Lazar, at the heart of the Royal Chapel of Versailles, revealing its chiaroscuro depths by candlelight, and where Vincent Dumestre, nourished from the excesses of Italian baroque, conducts a line of seismic upheavals, wonderful apparitions and inner illuminations.

Production: Festival Misteria Paschalia, Krakow - Le Poème Harmonique. Created on 12 April 2017 in Krakow.



Antonio Draghi (1634-1700)
The Earthquake (Il Terremoto)


Picto 15 minutes avec


On Wednesday 28 March at 7.30pm, share “15 minutes with” the director Benjamin Lazar, about The Earthquake in the Grand Foyer of the Royal Opera.

-Please show your ticket for the evening performance, subject to availability-



Léa Tromenschlager The Virgin Mary

Claire Lefilliâtre Marie Madeleine

Zachary Wilder Saint Jean

Riccardo Angelo Strano Scribe

Emmanuel Vistorky Pharisée

Victor Sicard Centurion

Alexandra Rübner Récitante

Anna Zawisza Lume di Fede

Helena Poczykowska Lume de Scienza


Le Poème Harmonique

Vincent Dumestre Conductor


Benjamin Lazar Director

Julia Brochier Costumes

Stéphanie Aznarez Makeup