Cavalli: Missa Concertata

Saturday 10 February 2018 – 7pm
Approximate duration: 
1h10 without intermission

In 1659, Mazarin signed the Treaty of Paris confirming the future Peace of the Pyrénées and consequently Louis XIV's marriage to the Spanish Infanta in 1660. For the celebration of this wedding, Mazarin commissioned an opera from the greatest composer of the time, Cavalli: it was to be Ercole Amante. However when Cavalli arrived in Paris, the theatre wasn't finished and he preferred to give Xerxes composed in 1654.


It is also for this celebration that the French Ambassador to Venice asked Cavalli to compose a magnificent Missa Concertata; its performance in January 1660 gathered: “the best voices of Chapel San Marco and the most famous musicians who have come here to sing the operas for this Carnival and fifteen instruments: violas, violins, cornets and some trumpets added to the music on order from Mr. Cavalli, the first man in Italy in this art." Placed on specially built stands, the singers and musicians were distributed in space as was traditional in Venice at the time.

After the magnificent rendering of the Venetian Mass for the birth of Louis XIV by Rovetta, Benjamin Chenier is now taking on another Venetian masterpiece celebrating France and Louis XIV, this time by Cavalli, Rovetta's successor in San Marco, with brilliant soloists and musicians distributed in space in the Royal Chapel to revive the magnificent impression of the 1660 performance.  

This programme will be recorded in the Alpha/Versailles collection.



Francesco Cavalli (1602 - 1676)
Missa Concertata

Grand Venetian Mass for Louis XIV’s Franco-Spanish Peace 


Picto 15 minutes avec


On Saturday 10 February at 6.30pm, share “15 minutes with” the conductor Benjamin Chénier, about Missa Concertata in the Grand Foyer of the Royal Opera.

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Stéphanie Révidat, Anne Magouët Sopranos

Pascal Bertin, Paulin Bundgen Alto

Martial Pauliat, Vincent Bouchot Tenors

Renaud Delaigue, Renaud Brès Bass


Galilei Consort

Benjamin Chénier Conductor