Cavalli: Il Giasone

Fr. 9 and Sa. 10 March 2018
Surtitles in French and English
Approximate duration: 
3h30 including intermission

In 1649, Francesco Cavalli, who was the most important opera composer of the time in Venice, turned the Greek myth of Jason and Medea into an opera for the libertine and hedonistic city of Venice and filled it with comic scenes, pathetic lamenti, scenes of madness or sleep, dressed-up characters. 


Abounding with magnificent musica, Il Giasone was the most often performed opera of its century, with 18 performances in Venice and 24 identified productions unitl 1681: a must! Today still, the plot of this 17th century best-seller and its splendid music work perfectly. 

For this production created at the Grand Théâtre de Genève, Leonardo García Alarcón gives the title role to Valer Sabadus, the sensitive and virtuoso interpreter of a character who is the prey of two women trying to devour him, also surrounded by strong characters on the servant side: an outrageous stammerer and a nurse interpreted by Dominique Visse! This major work lives again through the talent its staging by Serena Sinigalia, and promises an evening of irresistible music!


Extract from Il Giasone, Francesco Cavalli conducted by Leonardo García Alarcón

Francesco Cavalli (1602-1676)
Il Giasone

Dramma musicale with a prologue and 3 acts on a libretto by Giacinto Andrea Ciconini.
Created on 5 January 1649 in Venice.

Version reworked by Leonardo Garcia Alarcón
Production: Grand Théâtre de Genève

Picto 15 minutes avec


On Friday 9 March at 7.30pm, share “15 minutes with” the conductor Leonardo Garcia Alarcon, about Il Giasone in the Grand Foyer of the Royal Opera.

-Please show your ticket for the evening performance, subject to availability-



Valer Sabadus Giasone      

Kristina Hammarström Medea      

Francesca Aspromonte Isifile / Sole    

Taras Berezhansky Ercole       

Günes Gürle Besso 

Raúl Giménez Egeo

Alejandro Meerapfel Oreste / Giove

Migran Agadzhanyan Demo / Volano       

Dominique Visse Delfa / Eolo        

Mariana Flores Alinda         

Mary Feminear Amore        


Cappella Mediterranea                                                                                                     

Leonardo García Alarcón Conductor


Serena Sinigaglia Director

Ezio Toffolutti Sets and costumes           

Ezio Toffolutti et Simon Trottet Lights