Béjart Ballet Lausanne: Béjart celebrates Maurice

Th. 5, Fr. 6, Sa. 7 and Su. 8 April 2018
Approximate duration: 
2h30 including intermission

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, the 10th anniversary of Maurice Béjart's death and the 10th anniversary of Gil Roman as artistic director. On this occasion, the Company presents a series of new performances. 


Gil Roman unveils his latest creations t'M and variations..., a ballet where the steps are so many words addressed to Maurice. Page after page, like a journal, an intimate relation, the choreographer proposes a suite of variations on the theme of love and the internal necessity of dance. A radically fascinating choreography chronicling a day of celebration.

With another new work, the company pays tribute to the master through a ballet composed of extracts of his choreographies. Series of entwined pas de deux and extracts from major ballets. Bejart celebrates Maurice is a light rhapsody, a celebration and a ceremony at the same time. Assembled by Gil Roman exactly as if composing a recital, a festive show, a lighthearted meeting, these ballet fragments celebrate Béjart's feeling for celebrations and the human aspect of interpretations. Not an anthology, not a manifesto, a show around the pure pleasure of dance!



Béjart Ballet Lausanne: Béjart celebrates Maurice                                    

A celebratory season for the 30th anniversary of the ballet, the 10th year anniversary of Maurice Béjart’s death and of Gil Roman’s artistic direction



t’M et variations…

Gil Roman Choreography

Music: Citypercussion - Thierry Hochstätter & jB Meier live on stage

Sound track: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Henri Davila Costumes

Dominique Roman Lights


Béjart fête Maurice

Maurice Béjart Choreography

Gil Roman Direction

Music: Beethoven, Webern, Heuberger, The Residents, Rossini, Duke Ellington, Le Bars, Jewish, Indian, African and Pygmee traditional music

Henri Davila Costumes

Dominique Roman Lights