Philippe Jaroussky: Handel recital

Tu. 28 November 2017 - 8pm

Philippe Jaroussky’s passion for Handel is always invigorated by the possibility of tracing an ideal portrait of the baroque period, notably of the vanished castrati’s art. This recital is composed of a selection of extremely virtuoso arias, composed by Handel during his most productive period, mostly for the castrato Senesino.


Francesco Bernardi (1686-1759), called Il Senesino, because he was born in Sienna, excelled in his art which took him all over Europe; he was recruited by Handel as Primo Uomo of the Royal Academy of Music. Handel’s most brilliant and most impassioned arias were dedicated to Il Senesino who had a strong influence on the composer’s music with his virtuoso musical flights and also brought cash to the Academy!

The arias in this program belong to works composed by Handel during his very productive years at the Royal Academy of Music in London, when opera was at his apogee in England. From 1720 to 1728, the private opera company produced 34 operas (of which 14 by Handel) with a total of almost 460 performances! Senesino was the main attraction and his name is forever linked to the masterpieces composed for him by Handel. An encounter at the summit between Senesino, Handel and Philip Jaroussky!


Philippe Jaroussky in Versailles, Handel



Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759)

“Son pur felice”, “Bel contento”, recitative and arias from Flavio

“Son stanco”, “ Deggio morire o stelle”, recitative and arias from Siroe

“Se potessero i sospir miei”, aria from Imeneo

“Vieni d’empietà”, “Vile, se mi dai morte”, recitative and arias from Radamisto

“Che mi chiama alla gloria”, “Se parla nel mio cor”, recitative and aria from Giustino

“Inumano ratel”, “Stille amare”, recitative and aria from Tolomeo

“Ombra cara”, aria from Radamisto

“Privarmi ancora”, “Rompo i lacci”, recitative and aria from Flavio




Philippe Jaroussky Counter-tenor

Ensemble Artaserse