The Grand Masked Ball at Château de Versailles

24 June 2017 - 11.30pm

Baroque costumes, wigs, champagne, club atmosphere…  Wearing a baroque costume and a mask (compulsory) you are invited to attend the most original of parties in the magnificent Château de Versailles Orangerie and in its gardens specially staged for the event.


Versailles still echoes with the royal celebrations of the 17th century court. Since its first edition in 2011, the Grand Masked Ball has renewed itself every year to create an exceptional soirée celebrating unforgettable and refined nights.

There will be dancers, performers and artists taking part in the newly staged ball. The Grand Masked Ball is the occasion of an exceptional evening in period costume at Château de Versailles.

Finally at dawn all guests will gather in the Ballroom Grove for an incredible after party.



Come dressed in a quality baroque costume to be worn on arrival (all guests have to find their own costume). Your face must be masked on arrival and during the entire ball. No admission for those not wearing a costume.



The Masked Ball ticket gives complimentary access to the Fountains Night Shows on 24 June.

Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.



Le Grand Bal Masqué De Versailles

During the evening, you may be filmed and photographed. As you will be costumed and masked, and as such unrecognizable, we consider that you forfeit any recourse in case of use of these images to illustrate or promote the Ball.



Hakim Ghorab Directing and Choreographer

GrandMarnier DJ

With the singer Loïc Nottet ! 



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