Fêtes Galantes 2017 : Marquises & Marchionesses ticket

29 May 2017 - 7:30pm
Approximate duration: 
From 7:30pm to midnight

Welcome from 7.30pm (access to car park, cloakroom and ticket office from 7pm). Free access activities, sketches and demonstrations from 8pm to 10.45pm. At 11pm, you will be invited to the Hall of Mirrors for the closing ball. The evening will end with fireworks viewed from the Hall in Mirrors, as during the grandest hours of Versailles.


When buying your ticket, please select two of the three following activities:

 Dancing : dancing class in the Hall of Mirrors
 Chapel : concert of sacred music in the Royal Chapel
 Guards'room : Concert in the King’s Guards’ room


There are two activities in each tour. Please select one of the twelve following tours (several schedules available):


• Tour Dancing (09.35pm) + Guards'room (08pm) 1

• Tour Dancing (10.15pm) + Guards'room (09pm) 2

• Tour Dancing (08.15pm) + Chapel (09pm) 1

• Tour Dancing (08.55pm) + Chapel (10pm) 2

• Tour Chapel (08pm) + Guards'room (09.30pm) 1

• Tour Chapel (08.30pm) + Guards'room (10pm) 2

• Tour Chapel (09pm) + Guards'room (10.30pm) 3

• Tour Chapel (09.30pm) + Guards'room (08.30pm) 4

• Tour Chapel (09.30pm) + Guards'room (10.30pm) 5

• Tour Chapel (09pm) + Guards'room (08.30pm) 6

• Tour Chapel (10.30pm) + Guards'room (08.30pm) 7



We would like to inform you that the presidential visit which will take place in Versailles on Monday 29 May, 2017 will have no impact on the Fêtes Galantes: masked ball in the Hall of Mirrors. Please note that the chateau and park will be closed all day on that date. Access to the Fêtes Galantes will be as planned, through the Cour d’honneur from 6:30pm for King & Queen ticket holders and from 7:00pm for Duke & Duchess and Marquess & Marchioness ticket holders.
Car park on the Place d’Armes (bus car park) accessible via the central drive from 6:00pm. 



► Demonstrations, baroque dancing lesson and closing ball:

L’Eventail Company*, choreographer Marie-Geniève Massé

Les Folies Françoises**, Patrick Cohen-Akenine

► Concert of Serious Arias and Drinking Songs in the King’s Guards’ room:

Valentin Tournet, La Chapelle Harmonique

► Concert of religious music at the Royal Chapel

Gaétan Jarry, Ensemble Marguerite Louise

► Demonstrations & Sketches

Midnight Première, Jean-Paul Bouron

► Staged visits:

La Compagnie Baroque, directeur artistique Michel Verschaeve


*The Compagnie de Danse L’Eventail is subsidised by the French Ministry of Culture - DRAC of the Pays de la Loire. Supported by the State - Préfet of the region Pays de la Loire, the Conseil Régional of the Pays de la Loire, the Sarthe department and the City of Sablé- sur- Sarthe. 

Designer and choreographer: Marie Genevieve MasséCostumes: Olivier Beriot **Les Folies Françoises are supported by the Ministry of Culture (DRAC Centre-Val de Loire), the Centre-Val de Loire region and the city of Orléans. The ensemble is member of FEVIS (Fédération des ensembles vocaux et instrumentaux specialisés/federation of specialist vocal and instrumental ensembles) and of the Profedim syndicate.