Ballet Preljocaj: Gala evenings - Playlist #1

Fr. 15, Sa. 16 and Su. 17 December 2017
Approximate duration: 
1h25 without intermission

Ballet Preljocaj: Gala evenings 

Angelin Preljocaj’s most beautiful solos, duos and ensembles     


Playlist #1 expresses all the range of Angelin Preljocaj choreographic language, his predilection for texts, his taste for the introspection of beings and the value of symbols. 

A pure concentrate of virtuoso dancing that plunges us into a state of grace or ecstatic contemplation. It is haute couture, custom made for the skin and flesh of the dancers who bring life to his inspiration. This programme develops a voyage through his work and through time.

Marie Godfrin-Guidicelli 



Retour à Berratham (2015) 5 dancers / 2nd  extract - 7 dancers

Les Nuits (2013) 1st extract – solo /2nd  extract – duo / 3rd  extract – duo

Suivront mille ans de calme (2010) extract – duo

Spectral Evidence (2013) 1st extract – duo / 2nd extract – duo / 3rd extract – solo

Le Parc (1994) extract – duo

Paysage après la bataille (1997) extract – 5 dancers

La Stravaganza (1997) extract – duo

Blanche Neige (2008) extract – duo

Roméo et Juliette (1996) 1st extract, duo –  2nd extract, duo


Production: Ballet Preljocaj



Angelin Preljocaj Choreography

Youri Aharon Van den Bosch Assistant, artistic direction assistant

Natalia Naidich Reaharsal assistant

Dany Lévêque Choreography specialist