The Grand Masked Ball of Kamel Ouali 2015

27 june 2015 - 11:30pm
Approximate duration: 
From 11:30 to first light

Kamel Oualis Grand Masked Ball The Sun King Ball

On the occasion of the tercentenary of Louis XIV’s death, Kamel Ouali proposes a Grand masked ball on the theme of the Sun King.


For one night only, the Orangerie of Château de Versailles becomes the most elegant, the most original and the most refined ballroom.

Versailles, an emblematic and sublime place, is still imbued with the atmosphere of the royal festivities that lit up the Palace and its Gardens. These extravagant, elegant and frivolous festivities have entered the collective imagination.

The Grand Masked Ball of Kamel Ouali, 2013



♦ Dress code

Come dressed in a quality costume in the baroque style, to be put on before entering the grounds of the Palace (all gests must obtain their costume by their own means), and masked. Admission will be refused to anyone without a costume and/or not masked.

♦ Worth knowing 

The ticket for the Grand Masked Ball gives you free access to the Fountains Night Show ! 




Kamel Ouali, directing

With Emmanuel MoireSofia Essaïdi and Fauve Hautot.