The death of Kings : Requiems for the Kings of France


At the same time as the exhibition Le Roi est Mort (The King is Dead), a cycle of the great funeral music works of the French Court, from Queen Marie-Thérèse d’Autriche (Charpentier 1683) to Louis XV (Gilles 1774), with three events: the re-creation by Raphaël Pichon of Louis XIV’s Funeral Music (1715), mainly composed by Lalande; a dual performance by Hervé Niquet: Cherubini’s resounding Requiem in Memory of Louis XVI and the one in Memory of Marie-Antoinette commissioned by Louis XVIII from Charles-Henri Plantade for the 30th anniversary of the Queen’s death. They will all be performed on  January 21, the anniversary of King Louis XVI’s death;  finally, Sigismund Neukomm’s Requiem played in memory of Louis XVI at the Vienna Congress in 1814.