Hasse : Siroe

26, 28 and 30 november 2014
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3h30 intermission included

Siroe, King of Persian by Johann Adolph Hasse, created in 1733 in Bologna, then performed in London, Naples and Dresden and never performed again since the 18th century will be re-created in Versailles; on this occasion a CD will be recorded and the Versailles performance at the Opéra Royal will be filmed for television.


After the success of Ataserse, Max Emmanuel Cencic wanted to work on one of the most famous baroque opera composers: Johann Adolph Hasse (1699-1783).This prolific composer (he composed more than 56 operas) had an international career which can be compared to Handel’s and was even more famous: he left Hamburg where he had started as an opera singer,  conquered Naples, Venice, London, but above all Vienna and Dresden, where he resided for 30 years (he was Kapellmeister from 1733 to 1763). His opera seria were performed all over Europe and became the “standard” from 1725 to 1765 for “classic” Italian opera, interpreted by the greatest singers of the time from Farinelli to Faustina Bordoni (whom he married).


The story of Siroe is typical of those of opera seria, with multiple love plots on a historical background: in 628, the bellicose King of Persia Cosroe (Khosrau II), at war for years against the Christian Emperor Heraclius, from whom he conquered Egypt, Syria and Palestine, decided not to let his son Siroe inherit. Siroe revolted against this injustice and had his father killed. He then became Kind of Persia in 628. He immediately wrote to Heraclius to ask for peace, restoring splendor and serenity to Central Asia. This authentic historical rivalry was used by Hasse as a background for multiple virtuoso arias by all soloists. The opera met with extraordinary success and was performed in London when Hasse visited the city, which was trying to attract him to compete with Handel. However, Hasse was expected at the magnificent Court of Saxony in Dresden, which was to mark the high point of his career.


To revive Hasse’s masterpiece, Max Emanuel Cencic is surrounded with brilliant singers, among whom the star soprano Julia Lezhnevva, with the excellent Armonia Atenea conducted by the energetic George Petrou, whose recent successes in the Handel repertoire have been applauded all over Europe. Because this opera is very close to his heart, Cencic directs the staging of this opera himself

A masterpiece rediscovered!



Extract - Siroe - 2014



Premiere in France / New production


Johann Adolph Hasse (1699-1783)

Siroé, Rè di Persia

Opera seria in three acts. Libretto by Metastasio

First performance at Teatro Mavezzi in Bologna on 2 May 1733




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Production : Parnassus Arts Productions
Coproduction : Royal Opera / Château de Versailles Spectacles - Athens Festival



Max Emanuel Cencic, Siroe

Julia Lezhneva, Loadice 

Mary-Ellen Nesi, Medarse 

Juan Sancho, Cosroe 

Laureen Snouffer, Arasse  

Dilyara Idrisova, Emira 


Max Emanuel Cencic, director

Bruno de Lavenère, sets

David Debrinay, lights

Etienne Guiol, video


Armonia Atenea

George Petrou, conductor