Campra : Tancrède

6 and 7 may 2014 - 8pm
Approximate duration: 
3h30 intermission included

André Campra is unquestionably the greatest opera composer between Lully and Rameau, at a time where Lalande reigned over the grand motet. His opera-ballets introduced popular or exotic tones on the stage of the Académie royale, but his tragedies pursued the Lullly experience with a larger orchestra and exacerbated theatricality. Tancrède his masterpiece demonstrates more than any other score the extent of his incredible talent.


Since its production at the Aix-en-Provence festival, more than twenty years ago, Tancrède had disappeared from French stages: this hero’s return (so famous from Monteverdi to Rossini) will give him the opportunity to rise again to the challenges of love and glory, in a time when as a Christian knight he will have to choose between his duty to free Jerusalem and the charms of the unfaithful Clorinde. Campra gives them the most beautiful musical weapons: fanfares, battles, cries of love echo masterfully in a pure baroque setting.




André Campra (1660-1744)


Tragedy in music in five acts with prologue
Libretto by Antoine Danchet
Created at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal in Paris on 7 November 1702



logo CMBV - Château de Versailles SpectaclesNouvelle production de l'Opéra - Grand Avignon
Coproduction Centre de musique baroque de Versailles
Score created by CMBV



Benoit Arnould, Tancrède
Chantal Santon, Herminie
Isabelle Druet, Clorinde
Alain Buet, Argant
Eric Martin Bonnet, Isménor
Erwin Aro, an enchanter, a Sylvain, a Warrior, Revenge
Anne-Marie Beaudette, Peace, a warrior, a Dryade
Marie Favier, a warrior, a Dryade

Ballet de l'Opéra - Théâtre Grand Avignon
Françoise Denieau,

Vincent Tavernier, staging
Françoise Denieau, choreography
Claire Niquet, scenography
Carlos Perez, lights

Les Chantres du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles
Orchestre Les Temps Présents
Olivier Schneebeli,

Campra, CMBV