Georg Friedrich HAENDEL : Terpsichore

October, 9
1 hour, 10 minutes, no interval

Choreographic creation by Beatric Massin, Terpsichore pays tribute to the muse of dance and confirms the choreographer's energy-filled new baroque style. 

One act of song and dance, a genuine miniature opera conceived by Handel during famous dancer Marie Sallé's trip to London, shows the French influence on all of Europe. Terpsichore combines her virtuoso steps with the singing of Erato and Apollo. In comparison, the most beautiful choreographic symphonies of Rebel recall to what extent of accomplishment and refinement dance had achieved during the reign of Louis XV.

New CMBV production
A Händel-Festspiele – Théâtre de Caen – Opéra de Massy – Fêtes galantes Company Co-production
Concert co-produced by Château de Versailles Shows and the Baroque Music Centre of Versailles CMBV



 Ballet in one act by George Frideric Handel
Jean-Ferry REBEL: Les Plaisirs champêtres (Pastoral Pleasures)

Sabina Puertolas Erato
Marianne Beate Kielland Apollo
Paul Crémazy Coro tenor
Jussi Lehtipuu Coro bass
Céline Angibaud, Bruno Benne, Sarah Berreby, Adeline Lerme, Olivier Collin, Laurent Crespon dancers

The Fêtes galantes Company
Conception and choreography Béatrice Massin

Les Talens Lyriques
Conductor Christophe Rousset


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